Livestream Service and Classes

Every Sunday You Can Join Our Livestream Worship Service at 11 AM EST at this link:
*For classes and prayer (EXCEPT led by Brother Anthony, see flyer) calls use: By Phone Dial: 646 876 9923. Meeting ID: 928 975 658 Meeting Password 7009

Adult Classes

Wednesdays 7:30 PM (*use same credentials as Divine Gathering class*)

"Dark Side" led by Anthony Powell

Thursdays 7:30

"Mutual Edification"

*All participants can share 10 minute encouraging message

First Saturday of every month 10 AM

Ladies’ Bible Study

Youth Classes

Sundays 4:30 PM

Children grades 1-4 led by Laura and Sandy Deckard

Saturdays 3 PM 

Teens led by Nicole Bliss


   Meet our teachers!

 Sandy and Laura

Nicole Bliss