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Service and Classes (livestream and in-person)

Current Schedule

11:00 AM Worship Service

Link to  livestream:

By Phone Dial: 646 876 9923.

Meeting ID: 928 975 658

Zoom Meeting Password: 7009


11:00 AM Children's Bible Study (in-person)

Kindergarten-1st grade

Grades 2 through 5

Grades 6+

*3rd Sundays on Zoom/in-person

4: 00 PM

"Evangelism" led by Winston


7:00-8:00 AM Morning Prayer Call 

7:30 PM Evening Bible Study, "2nd Kings" led by Alan/Winston


10:00 AM Ladies’ Bible Study, first Saturday of every month 


*All classes held on Zoom (including Sunday service if we don't hold on YouTube) –, passcode 7009

Meet our  Awesome Teachers!

Sandy Deckard and Laura Sande, Sunday children's class grades 2-5

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